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Awards and Honors

Ada Chen, Jonathan Jesneck, Anuj Kapadia, Amy Sharma, and Jessie Xia all defended their PhDs. Jim Dobbins and Ehsan Samei launched Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs.  In December, Ehsan Samei was honored for "Distinguished Service to Medical Physics" by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), and was elected to the Science Council of the AAPM.



Jason Grimes, Greg Sturgeon, and Shawn Mendonca joined us as research technicians.  Anuj Kapadia and Amy Sharma became Postdoctoral Associates at DAI Labs after receiving their doctorates.  Ada Chen, Jonathan Jesneck, and Jessie Xia took postdoctoral and faculty positions elsewhere.


DAI News

Here is a copy of our 2007 Newsletter: 2007 February DAI News (PDF)