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Computer-aided diagnosis: breast imaging
Mazurowski MA, Zurada JM, Tourassi GD. Selection of Examples in Case-Based Computer-Aided Decision Systems. Physics in Medicine and Biology 53:6079-6096, 2008. PDF
Singh S, Tourassi GD, Baker JA, Samei E, Lo JY; Automated breast mass detection in 3D reconstructed tomosynthesis volumes: A featureless approach; Med Phys 35:3626-36, 2008 PDF
Computer-aided detection: chest imaging
Wang J, Li F and Li Q; Automated segmentation of lungs with severe interstitial lung disease in CT; Med Phys; 36:4592-4599, 2009 PDF
Medical image display assessment metrology
Samei E, Ranger NT, MacKenzie A, Honey ID, Dobbins JT 3rd, Ravin CE; Detector or system? Extending the concept of detective quantum efficiency to characterize the performance of digital radiographic imaging systems; Radiology 249(3):926-37, 2008 PDF
Digital tomosynthesis imaging of the breast
Karellas A, Lo JY, Orton CG; Point/Counterpoint: Cone beam x-ray CT will be superior to digital x-ray tomosynthesis in imaging the breast and delineating cancer; Med Phys 35:409-411, 2008 PDF
Clinical trial of chest tomosynthesis
Digital tomosynthesis imaging of the chest
Dobbins JT, III, McAdams HP, Song J-W, Li CM, Godfrey DJ, DeLong DM, Paik S-H and Martinez-Jimenez S; Digital tomosynthesis of the chest for lung nodule detection: Interim sensitivity results from an ongoing NIH-sponsored trial; Medical physics; 35:2554-2557, 2008 PDF
Assessment of digital radiographic detectors and systems using eDQE
Samei E, Badano A, Chakraborty D, Compton K, et al; Assessment of display performance for medical imaging systems: executive summary of AAPM TG18 report; Med Phys 32(4):1205-25, 2005 PDF
Neutron imaging for element quantification in breast and liver
Kapadia AJ, Sharma AC, Tourassi GD, Bender JE, Howell CR, Crowell AS, Kiser MR, Harrawood BP, Pedroni RS and Floyd CE; Neutron Stimulated Emission Computed Tomography for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer; IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci.; 55:501-509, 2008 PDF
Technique optimization in digital mammography
Ranger NT, Lo JY and Samei E; A technique optimization protocol and the potential for dose reduction in digital mammography; Medical physics; 37:962-969, 2010 PDF
XCAT phantom series
Multi-modality breast phantoms
Segars WP and Tsui B; MCAT to XCAT: The Evolution of 4-D Computerized Phantoms for Imaging Research; Proceedings of the IEEE; 97:1954-1968, 2009 PDF
Personalized decision support in radiology
Mazurowski MA, Baker JA, Barnhart HX and Tourassi GD; Individualized computer-aided education in mammography based on user modeling: Concept and preliminary experiments; Medical physics; 37:1152-1160, 2010 PDF