RAI Labs Duke


This page allows us to share some of the images, documents, and talks developed at Ravin Advanced Imaging Labs (RAI Labs) as well as some resources developed by our colleagues around the world.


TG18: Assessment of Display Performance for Medical Imaging Systems
AAPM's Task Group 18, headed up by Dr. Samei, developed these guidelines for practicing medical physicists and engineers for in-field performance evaluation of medical electronic display devices. This page allows you to download the TG18 report as well as test patterns in many resolutions and formats.

Image Quality Measurement Programs
A number of researchers have developed tools for the measurement of image quality. This page allows you to download programs that measure different aspects of image quality.

Anthropomorphic Virtual Breast Phantoms
Based on high-resolution breast CT scans of actual human subjects, these phantoms offer a great degree of inherent realism for a wide variety of breast imaging research applications. The first group of cases was released in July 2016!